How to get a trophy after your ibex hunting?

Hunting is not only a sport, but also a way to express yourself and as you know every person is one of a kind.

Every human have a different theory for hunting, but for the real hunters – to be into the wild nature, seeking for an animal is both – a pleasure and a victory. In this article we will present you a little different way of hunt, called ibex hunting.

Ibex hunting is very popular at Greece, because it is organized at 300 km from Athens, at the Sapientza island. If you want to sign up for this adventure – visit This is the official website where you can learn more about ibex hunting. But let’s get back to the main topic – the trophies.
How to get a trophу after your ibex hunting?
As a hunter, you know the importance of every trophy, because it’s a result from all hours spend during your hunt day, all efforts you have put in this experience and not at least all the money you gave for equipment. So, when you go to Sapientza island, you are there with one purpose – ibex hunting. An no matter which corner of the Earth you are from – you probably will want to take your trophy home. Fortunately it is not impossible. Let’s take a sneak peek how that could be done.
How to get a trophу after your ibex hunting?
At you will get to know yourself not only with the conditions but also with your rights by law when you are on your ibex hunt in the mountains of Sapientza. It is importnat to know that if you shoot and drawn blood but your target is not on the ground – the hunt is canceled. Your trophy will be searched and found and if you are no longer at Greece when it’s found – it will be sent to your homeland.
Do not waste time and sign up for ibex hunting right now, because the places are limited. Visit for more information.