Expired: 3 Methods of Carpet Cleaning

For many of you arranging a carpet cleaner may seem like an easy task which does not involve any effort on your side except making a few calls to different carpet cleaning companies and comparing prices. In reality, on the other side, this is not too easy to do as you have to be well prepared for the questions that the company’s customer care assistants will ask you.

They quite often regard: the type of fabric the carpet is made of, the age of the stains that you need to be removed (if there are such) and the original colour that your carpet used to have when it was brand new. And all these questions are not aiming to annoy you but simply to find out what method of carpet cleaning will be the best one for you.
Top 3 Carpet Cleaning Techniques
Here are the three most popular methods used by some carpet cleaning companies :

Steam cleaning – Most end of tenancy cleaning companies as well as carpet cleaning companies in other London regions use that method in most of the cases. First of all because it is the cheapest deep cleaning method and second of all, because it is the most efficient one. It uses hot water extraction to remove dirt and bacteria. However for woolen or synthetic ones a special alkaline detergent pre- treatment is required, so better results can be achieved. Steam cleaning machines use detergent-based solutions instead of regular soap and can extract 90% of the moisture after the cleaning process, so it will just take a few hours for them to be completely dry.

Dry carpet cleaning – Suitable for all types of carpets and rugs which are not made from a natural fabric. It can be also used with pale coloured carpets that need to be preserved always clean, otherwise they will look unpleasant all the time. Main advantage is that you can walk on it immediately after the cleaning without having to wait for some hours out of your property

Shampooing – It is normally done in the following way: a wet shampoo cleaning with a rotary machine is done, in some cases with a coconut oil then rinsed off. Unfortunately this is an old and not so efficient method as after that the carpets are collecting more dirt and bacteria, that is why this method is often not recommended and recently substituted by the steam extraction one).